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NOT-FOR-PROFIT NEWS: June 14 to 20 is the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood's National Blood Donor Week and Facebook is helping promote this good cause to gain much-needed new donations.

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Australian researchers for global tech company IBM have applied machine learning to identify proteins in blood that can predict Alzheimer’s disease risk.

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About 550,000 Australia Red Cross blood donor records have been exposed by a Web developer using their Web server like a personal file server.

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Monday, 03 May 2010 17:49

Scientists recreate mammoth blood

Based on DNA found in frozen bones of mammoth in Siberia, scientists have been able to recreate the main blood protein, haemoglobin and demonstrate how the animals could survive in the cold where humans could not.

Published in Biology
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 14:45

Telstra puts blood glucose measurement online

Telstra's claiming an Australian first for its diabetes management online service.

Published in Mobility
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 06:24

Increase oxygen in blood to strengthen heart

French and American scientists have come up with a way to increase the percentage of oxygen in the blood of mice. Could the next step be to do the same thing for humans in order to strengthen an already weakened heart?

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A German-U.K.-U.S.-Denmark study has learned that many narrowed or blocked arteries to the heart may not need stents if a blood-flow test is first performed. Such testing before surgery was found to reduce the risk of complications and death afterwards.

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The American Red Cross is holding its New Year’s Blood Drive in January 2009 as part of its January’s National Blood Donor Month. Australia is one of many other countries joining the United States in its drive to save human lives in 2009. Make a resolution to give the Gift of Life and save the lives of “up to three people.”

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