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Malicious attackers have used the Maze Windows ransomware to attack the Thai Beverage Public Company and advertised the fact on the dark web.

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The attackers who hit Australian drinks manufacturer Lion using the REvil Windows ransomware appear to have decided to give the company a little more time to decide on whether to pay the ransom they have demanded.

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According to Foods Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), there are several very important things to remember about eating and drinking before and during pregnancy to make sure your baby is born healthy.

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According to a study performed in Virginia, U.S. researchers found coliform bacteria (fecal material) in just under 50% of the soda fountain machines inspected in restaurants and fast food places. Maybe the term “soda pop”  should be changed to “soda poop” when coming out of soda fountain machines? Ugh!!

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Tuesday, 03 November 2009 20:53

Diet sodas may lead to kidney problems in women

Two or more diet sodas each day were found to double a women’s risk of having kidney problems. And, these same two-plus diet-soda per day women had a 30% decrease in their kidney function over the length of the study.

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In an effort to standardize nutritional standards, avoid consumer confusion, and reduce obesity many of the country’s largest food and beverage companies are adopting the Smart Choices Program from The Keystone Center.

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