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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 09:22

Avaya unified communications embraces the iPad

iPad users will be able to make full use of their employers' Avaya unified communications and collaboration systems: Avaya has released a version of its Avaya Flare Experience software for the iPad.

According to Avaya the iPad version, Avaya Communicator, works over 3G and WiFi networks and enables users to:

- view the availability of enterprise associates from the contacts card and simply tap a single location to launch an instant message (IM), voice call or email;

- manage two simultaneous voice calls using the iPad while mobile;- multi-task on the iPad tablet while communicating, eg read email, attend a web conference and use the iPad browser, and attend a voice conference call and IM, or use other productivity applications;

- search the corporate directory and add associates to the Avaya Flare Communicator contacts fan for easy access;

- engage in secure communication and collaboration remotely using Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G connectivity;

- reduce mobile expenses by using the data channel and avoiding roaming charges while travelling across different cellular networks.

Avaya announced the Flare Experience in September 2010 and was extremely vague about its exact nature. It debuted as Android software running only on a dedicated Avaya tablet but Avaya played down the role of this device and in so doing caused a deal of confusion among commentators and analysts.

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The push by employees at all levels to integrated their tablet devices into their employers' IT environment has been well documented. Less widely reported have been the moves by big unified communications vendors, Cisco and Avaya, to counter this trend and maintain their grip on the enterprise unified communications market.

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