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The ABC has reported that learning software providers were slurping up data of students during the pandemic without clearly indicating they were doing so, but failed to disclose that both its iview service and its news website do something quite similar.

Published in Open Sauce

The ABC is continuing to ignore requests from the Australian Privacy Foundation to clarify details about access to its iview service which now requires a compulsory login, the APF says.

Published in Technology Regulation

The Australian Privacy Foundation has called for changes in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act of 1983 to prevent the ABC from sharing (re-)identifiable personal information with other entities or platforms.

Published in Technology Regulation

The ABC appears to be hell-bent on introducing compulsory logins for its iview service, rebutting points raised by the Australian Privacy Foundation with somewhat tired objections that do not appear to really hold up under scrutiny.

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The ABC's decision to force iview users to create accounts in order to use the service from 15 March onwards could well lead to suspicion that the broadcaster is being prepared for privatisation and commercial exploitation, the Australian Privacy Foundation says in an open letter to ABC chair Ita Buttrose.

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A group of privacy and rights organisations have called on Australian politicians to reject the encryption bill which was introduced into Parliament last week, as it creates insecurity by design which will get in the way of Australian companies who seek to do business in European markets.

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The Australian Privacy Foundation says it is "seriously alarmed" about the weekend's report that the Australian Signals Directorate is trying to extend its powers to spy on Australian citizens.

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A resident of NSW has won the right to be allowed not to register his details when using a seniors Opal card, a smartcard that is used for transport in the state.

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Major privacy organisations in Australia have condemned the decision by the Council of Australian Governments to agree to hand over drivers' licence photos for the creation of a national facial recognition database.

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The Australian Privacy Foundation has described the Federal Court's judgment that key metadata is not personal information as an effective gutting of the Privacy Act.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 13:41

Govt proposing automation for health dept

The Australian Government is proposing to extend the use of automation based on big data, to the health department, even though its efforts to do the same with Centrelink have not exactly been a success.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Thursday, 29 September 2016 10:02

ABS accused of destroying public trust in census

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has been accused of destroying public trust by converting the 2016 census from an anonymous survey into a database containing identifiable personal data.

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A former head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Bill McLennan, says the ABS has no authority to demand that people supply their names in the forthcoming census to be conducted in August.

Published in Open Sauce
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 21:09

McClelland under fire over arson database

A national database of suspected arsonists launched this week by Attorney-General Robert McClelland was heavy-handed and had been created without the most basic consultation with civil liberties groups, the nation's peak privacy lobby claims.

Published in Government Tech Policy
Friday, 05 November 2010 15:24

You have zero privacy. Get over it.

You really have to wonder at what you would need to do in this country to attract a penalty - let alone conviction - for breaching the privacy of others. Because the unauthorised and systematic collection of the personal information of millions of Australians citizens - including emails, bank account details and passwords - apparently isn't enough.

Published in The Big House
Thursday, 04 November 2010 15:02

Google must return wifi data: Privacy lobby

The Australian Privacy Foundation is still seeking confirmation that the personal information of local citizens collected by Google Australia through its StreetView cars is being stored in Australia.

Published in Technology Regulation
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 21:44

Gov't 'travesty' in Google privacy case

The Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner's handling of the Google StreetView WiFi privacy breach had been "a travesty" and an abrogation of specific responsibilities, the Australian Privacy Foundation has charged.

Published in Technology Regulation
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 14:09

Feds consider Google StreetView prosecution

Google Australia remains a prosecution target of federal investigators over its systematic and unauthorised collection of personal data through its fleet of Street View cars, with the Australian Federal Police currently assessing advice on possible breaches of Commonwealth criminal law.


Published in Government Tech Policy
Know of somebody or something that has exhibited blatant disregard for the privacy of the individual? Well now you can give them the recognition they richly deserve by voting for them in The Australian Privacy Foundation's Big Brother awards: accepting submissions this year from the general public for the first time.

Published in Strategy
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 13:55

Poor eHealth records can cost lives too

Australian Government claims that an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) would reduce avoidable deaths in the healthcare system has been dismissed by privacy advocates, who say poor records management was also a problem in eHealth.

Published in Government Tech Policy
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