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Zappar’s ZapWorks platform promises transformed content creation with augmented reality and virtual reality tools, with Pokémon Go an incredible validation of AR’s amazingness.

Published in Entertainment

The Angry Birds craze, which arguably should have died years ago, now has its own animated series.

Published in Entertainment

Developers have committed to porting a variety of well-known consumer apps and games to BlackBerry 10.

Published in Mobility

Bitdefender has re-released Clueful - this time as a web app - to inform users of the privacy implications of various iOS apps.

Published in Mobility

On Wednesday evening, Federal MP Ed Husic spoke on the relatively high prices charged in Australia for IT products, saying he'd been "snubbed" by Apple Australia despite being promised a personal response from MD Tony King. That seems to have done the trick - a meeting is back on the cards. But is he talking to the worst culprit?

Published in Strategy
Thursday, 04 August 2011 11:29

Huawei's new Android has '3D' UI on a 2D screen

No, it's not an actual 3D phone as I first thought it might be, but a new Android with 'Vision' and a user interface with 3D elements.

Published in Mobility

HP's TouchPad is nearly here, set to officially arrive on August 15 in Australian stores, with Harvey Norman the exclusive retail launch partner and the rest of the retail channel to come, but shouldn't the Holy Pad have had a few more holes in it?

Published in Mobility

According to Nokia Siemens Networks the hugely popular Angry Birds mobile app running under Android and carrying advertising creates a deluge of signalling traffic on the host mobile network, far more than just the app running on an iPhone.

Published in Networking

Microsoft's next update to its Windows Phone 7 platform is codenamed 'Mango', where Microsoft presumably hopes that the man, and the woman, will go and get a Windows Phone 7.

Published in Mobility
Sunday, 21 November 2010 14:00

Apple iOS 4.2.1: MobileMe going free?

If MobileMe going free for some iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners running iOS 4.2.1 is true, it's a sign that Apple has decided to really ramp things right up in the smartphone wars, matching some competitors and throwing down the gauntlet to others, with who knows what extra iSurprises yet to come?

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