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Financial advice can be a complex beast for even the most seasoned wolf of wall street, and one Aussie startup, described as Australia's first cloud based investment advisor, is here to help.

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Monday, 08 September 2014 15:47

iiNet breaks ranks over piracy

Australia's second biggest ISP, iiNet, has broken ranks with other ISPs and refused to join their calls for a graduated response scheme to battle piracy.

Published in Technology Regulation
Monday, 01 September 2014 15:53

ISPs willing to walk the plank with Abbott, Brandis

Australia's ISPs are willing to support the Government's move to tighten piracy laws, but they have urged caution.

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Leading Aussie digital freedom fighter Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has partnered with grassroots campaigning community GetUp! to launch a petition opposing the government’s mooted mandatory data retention scheme.

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The Government has announced controversial legislation mandating data retention for telecommunications companies. It is part of a $630 million boost to security agencies.

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The federal government today launched an online map of Australia allowing users to overlay geospatial datasets from various government agencies.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:24

CSIRO to set up anti-bully unit

Australia's peak science body CSIRO is to set up an internal anti-bullying unit after an investigation looked into over 100 complaints of workplace bullying dating back to 1983.

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OPINION. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. You can bet Malcolm Turnbull is hopping mad. And Tony Abbott’s not happy either over the last miniute Internet filtering debacle. But it's their own fault. Back flip with triple turn and pike.

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US political fact checking site Politifact is now in Australia. It finds PM Gillard has been economical with the truth in saying it will cost $5000 to connect to fibre under the Coalition.

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Monday, 23 August 2010 10:49

Rural broadband finally gets some bandwidth

Anyone who thought that Australian politics was boring before last weekend is probably now having second thoughts. Whichever party gets to form government, however, one thing is certain: rural and regional Australia are finally going to get decent broadband. The question remains what sort?

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An apparent $5.6 billion funding shortfall in the Government's NBN budget has prompted calls by the Opposition for a full Treasury analysis of the costings. A spokesman for Shadow Minister for Finance and Debt Reduction Andrew Robb told iTWire that the Parliamentary Library, which yesterday revealed the Government's NBN budget anomaly, had done an admirable job.

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The old canard lies, damned lies and statistics could well apply to the iTWire online poll as to our readers' voting intentions in the upcoming Federal Election. However, there is no denying that they send a stark message to both the Labor Government and the Coalition Opposition.

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Just days after the Coalition injected fiscal sanity into the NBN debate, Senator Stephen Conroy and PM Julia Gillard have 'launched' the NBN in Tasmania and have said that the NBN Co's Mike Quigley only yesterday notified Senator Conroy that the NBN would have its speeds boosted to 1Gbps, 10 times faster than the previously promised 100Mbps speeds, in what is the most desperate pre-election spin yet.

Published in Fuzzy Logic

Coalition leader Tony Abbott has copped a bit of flack recently for being a self-confessed techno-luddite to whom broadband may as well mean a new variety of pasta. The burning question is, however, does this really matter to the largely non-tech man and woman in the street.

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First Abbott wants to scrap the NBN, now Prime Minister Gillard wants to balance the books by pilfering nearly half a billion dollars from the Gershon IT fund. Does anyone in either the Federal Government or Opposition have a clue about or even a glimpse of a vision for Australia's ICT future?

Published in Beerfiles
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:14

We lose NBN, you lose our vote poll tells Abbott

The Liberal-National Coalition could well lose a significant proportion of the all-important swinging voters unless it modifies its plans to scrap the NBN. That appears to be the message of new poll which may be the kick in the backside that the Federal Opposition needs to perform a necessary policy backflip.

Published in Government Tech Policy

The National Broadband Network rollout garnered further brownie points for the Government with an announcement that Primus Telecom has connected its first business client in a remote Tasmanian town. The remoteness of the 100Mbps connection lends support to the Government's vision of the NBN providing ubiquitous cheap fast broadband to consumers and small businesses throughout Australia.

Published in Government Tech Policy

It is one thing to say that climate change is crap but quite another to threaten to scrap a popular $43 billion nation building project. That appears to be the corner that the leader of the opposition Tony Abbott has painted himself into with his announced intention for the National Broadband Network.

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