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The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has thrown its weight behind the publication of two new international standards for 5G electric and magnetic fields (EMF).

Street lights, bus shelters and traffic lights will host more mobile network equipment to help boost mobile coverage, in the UK, as part of a new scheme to cut red tape and install more 4G and 5G kit.

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Non-profit organisation MobileMuster expands its product stewardship program to broaden recycling capability and will now include three new growing e-waste product streams.

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A report from Deloitte Access Economics has warned part of the potential $94 billion boost to Australia’s GDP over the next nine years from 5G technology is at risk from delayed business readiness and slow industry adoption.

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Friday, 18 February 2022 10:47

Trent Czinner appointed Chair of AMTA

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has appointed mobile telecommunications executive Trent Czinner as its new chair.

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With Australia's population projected to reach 38.8 million in 2060-61, agricultural productivity will need to increase to help sustain our growing population.

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Smart cities are here, and they are getting smarter by the day with the support of 5G.

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Thursday, 29 April 2021 15:16

AMTA appoints new Louise Hyland as new CEO

Following the very successful 15 year tenure of former AMTA CEO Chris Althaus, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has announced that it has appointed Louise Hyland as its new Chief Executive Officer.

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Being connected is an essential part of our everyday lives, enabling us to connect personally and professionally, but with protecting privacy vitally important in the digital era, how do you do this?

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With the Easter long weekend and school holidays fast approaching and reduced travel restrictions, many Australians will be spending more time on the road as they plan to get away or visit friends and family, so what's the best way to use a mobile safely while driving?

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Wednesday, 03 March 2021 23:13

AMTA welcomes ARPANSA revised EME safety standard

The new standard closely follows the guidelines from the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) published in March 2020 – and which confirmed that, after an additional 20 years of research, the limits remain protective of all people – including children, adolescents and pregnant women – against all established health risks.

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Chris Althaus is still CEO of AMTA, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, and he has put together his top five tips that encourage safe Internet use on the mobile devices we all own and take for granted every day.

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Thursday, 04 February 2021 00:35

AMTA seeking new CEO

As flagged late in 2020, The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) is now commencing an executive search process seeking the right CEO candidate to lead the Association following the announcement by Chris Althaus of his intention to step down.

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The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has taken the opportunity to remind Australians about the importance of mobile phone data privacy as we begin a new year.

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Chris Althaus is CEO of AMTA, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, and before he steps down in early 2021 after over a decade and a half of service to the Australian telco industry and Australia consumers, he joined us for a chat about the industry's past, present and future, as well as his own.

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When it comes to holiday time, we can let our guard down as we relax a little, with 2020 perhaps causing people to relax a little too much. Here's what Australian Mobile Telecommunications Australia CEO Chris Althaus says we should all be aware of this holiday season.

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In light of ACMA's report showing that 46% of Australian children aged between 6 and 13 now use a phone, up from 41% in 2015, AMTA's five key suggestions for parents to consider when buying kids their first phones is definitely a good call.

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Here are the Australian Mobile Telecommunication Association’s best ways to buy mobile devices this holiday season, with AMTA’s guide a great one to also share with friends and family.

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GUEST OPINION: 2021 has been touted as the ‘Year of 5G’, with mobile telecommunications through the 4G/5G ecosystem to continue providing all important connectivity, applications, and services that will help enable Australia to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The chief executive of the mobile industry lobby group, Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, Chris Althaus, has stepped down after 15 years in the role following the organisation's annual general body meeting which was held on Thursday.

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