An iTWire reader by the username of “mac user” was outraged to discover that the iPhone 3G 16GB model he’d purchased outright did not come with a free unlock, but instead was to cost $150. So he did his homework and now claims that Telstra has unlocked his iPhone 3G free of charge! Has a massive can of worms just been opened for outright current or future iPhone 3G purchases from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone in Australia?

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Whether you’re using a shiny new iPhone 3G or other smartphone, the ACCC has put out a warning to users not to be misled over the “significant cost” of excess data usage charges. It’s a timely warning, but you can be certain that horror stories of massive data charge bills will inevitably surface anyway!

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Following on from a letter to Australian banks asking whether Direct Deposit is a safe transaction method, an aggrieved group of eBay sellers and buyers unhappy at eBay’s attempts to force and promote PayPal to all users have a simple question for Australia Post: just how safe is the decades-old money order?

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