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Star Wars Episode VIII Last Jedi 'behind the scenes' MUST-SEE video

An incredible, must-see two-minute 58-second video with behind-the-scenes footage of Star Wars Episode VII, the Last Jedi, is now online, and you should drop everything and watch it.

The force looks to be very strong with the next episode of the new Star Wars trilogy, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, episode 8, or VIII if you want some Roman numerals.

Sadly, it is the last movie that will feature Carrie Fisher, and she is naturally seen in a few of the background scenes, including the hauntingly truthful line that is it “all about family".

Daisy Ridley explains that there will some “Oh My God” moments, with Mark Hamill also noting that “they throw things at me story-wise I never could’ve imagined".

We see some epic-looking explosions, one of red stuff that presumably isn’t blood, but who knows, and some other explosions in bays where X-Wing fighters are stationed, as well as explosions in some kind of control centre.

We see Daisy doing her thing, running around, undergoing training, using her lightsaber.

We see John Boyega mucking about as well. We hear Daisy and John’s British accents as they speak normally, clashing audibly, in my mind at least, when we hear Carrie’s naturally American voice.

We get to see a host of interesting new creatures, with one of the actors remarking upon this as well.

It all looks like it is going to be quite amazing, and doesn’t look anything like The Empire Strikes Back – or at least, not from the video we see.

I mean, anything is possible, but hopefully, despite The Force Awakens leaning heavily with homage upon the original Star Wars, we can but hope that Disney has more imaginative writers who will really do something special, rather than just rehashing stuff.

After all, hashing is best left for passwords and hash browns, so I sincerely hope the force has been with the scriptwriters and that they will deliver unto us something even more special that The Force Awakens was.

There’s even a cameo from Admiral Ackbar (or someone wearing his fish head mask) at the very end of the clip with a take on his famous “it’s a trap” statement that will bring at smile to your dial if nothing else.

There’s also Gwendoline Christie in a few scenes talking to us as viewers, she of the Captain Phasma fame. Thankfully, she did not get blasted or lightsabre sliced by Kylo Ren for falling prey to the rebels in The Force Awakens.

So, if you haven’t already seen this preview video, shown at Disney’s D23 conference last week, then drop everything and watch it now!

And, if you’ve already seen it... drop everything and watch it again!

Although trailers can often show the best bits, this obviously isn’t the trailer, but it certainly bodes good tidings ahead for The Last Jedi, which obviously is nowhere near being The Last Star Wars movie.

Here we go:

Naturally, there is already a 7+ minute video that breaks down the video above in an attempt to explain it all!


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