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VIDEO Interview: TIBCO and Whispir actively apply APIs, Gartner 2016 Application Dev Summit


Whispir’s success is no secret ,thanks to its presentation at Gartner’s 2016 Application Developer Summit in Sydney, with its post-keynote presentation entitled "How APIs became key to Whispir’s growth strategy".

Whispir and TIBCO are both API success stories.

TIBCO not only says that it "invented the API management space", but today, helps move "much of the world’s information, powering services that affect billions of people every day" – a fantastic result for a company that has been in business for nearly 20 years.

The company also bills itself as a global leader in integration and analytics, providing "innovative and powerful BI solutions that help customers from business users to data scientists uncover valuable insights, gain competitive advantages and optimise their digital business strategies".

All of this is designed to "take businesses to their digital destinations by interconnecting everything in real time and providing augmented intelligence for everyone, from business users to data scientists. This combination delivers faster answers, better decisions, and smarter actions".

Whispir is one of TIBCO’s customers, with the two working together since 2012 when Whispir unveiled its first API. The company says that Whispir "is a product that was created in Melbourne almost 15 years ago to help people to engage more effectively with their customers, stakeholders and community using the channels of communication that people use every day; SMS, email, voice calls, social media and Web publishing".

Then came 2012, when Whispir launched the first version of an API to market. It was envisioned by the Product team, and despite the project having had "no immediate customers, limited forecastable revenue model, and a huge knowledge gap in the wider team", the story is very different four years on.

Today, Whispir says its API has become "a key element to helping Whispir customers solve business challenges, and ultimately helped Whispir achieve success in the market".

Representing Whispir at the Gartner summit, and in my video interview below, is Jordan Walsh, product manager and business analyst. He was previously a consultant for IBM Australia, and then analyst programmer at NAB, but when he joined Whispir's product team, he also created Whispir.io – the home of Whispir's APIs and "cross-channel communications integration, in the cloud".

Proudly boasting of being "built by developers, for developers", Whispir.io is "the place where you can easily build accountable messaging into your app – SMS, email, push, voice, chat, web, social, and rich messages", and "presents all the tools you need to develop a communications capability for your app and enable rapid deployment to market. Integrate, test, demonstrate, and commercialise your app, without significant capital investment, with leading messaging API technology".

Indeed, Whispir proclaims that "no other platform enables you to create and send rich messages, personalise cross-channel communications, and enrich your contact data with relevance", and in my video interview Walsh covers all of this with some great examples.

My other interview subject is Tameez Sunderji, the director of digital strategy at TIBCO Software. He discussed TIBCO Mashery’s invention of the API management space and the journey in working with leading companies to build and launch their APIs for a decade.

Examples of TIBCO’s success abound, with the company stating it is "responsible for keeping more than 1 exabyte of data in motion every year".

The company says that it "handles much of the world’s information, powering services that affect billions of people every day,’ and provides examples such as:

  • 1B+ airline passengers can have a personalised and seamless flying experience;
  • 2.3B+ customers can use their smartphones;
  • 1.4B+ customers can bank safely and conveniently; and
  • 5K+ planes, 50K+ ships, 1M+ train cars, and 1M+ trucks will arrive safely and on time among many others!

So, here’s my interview with Sunderji and Walsh. More below, please read on!

In the interview, I asked both gentlemen to explain their businesses and how they have evolved with the power of APIs.

We spoke about the Gartner 2016 APAC Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, the range of customers and partners both were able to meet at the event, and the presentation that Walsh gave after the opening keynote, as well as the reception it received.

We covered TIBCO and Whispir’s collaboration over the years, and how the API space has evolved for both companies over that time, as well as more of the companies they are helping and working with.

We then talked about the future of APIs and the market, the best pieces of advice both gents had received in their respective pasts, and any final messages they wanted to pass on not only to iTWire viewers and readers but their respective current and future customers.

And thus ended the interview!


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