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Splunk enables 3rd Presidential Debate at UNLV The third and final US presidential debate is imminently upon us and Splunk is ensuring the UNLV infrastructure stays online.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 SaaS bundle to be single subscription based Microsoft has combined its CRM and ERP capabilities into a single Software as a Service (SaaS) offering called Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Yahoo! making it tough for users to leave: report Yahoo! appears to have put an obstacle in the path of users who want to quit its services in the wake of news of a…
Cyber defence collaboration to be the space race of our generation iTWire met Splunk chief technical officer, and visionary, Snehal Antani, who gave his roadmap for the future.
Splunk introduces machine learning and intelligent service desk Splunk announced this week its machine learning toolkit, as well as practical applications of this, built into its new IT Service Intelligence product.
Apple and Deloitte: new iOS partnership to accelerate business transformation Deloitte has introduced a new ‘Apple Practice’ to help businesses design and implement iPhone and iPad Solutions, according to both companies.
The secret side to Splunk Splunk is well-known as a log aggregation and search tool. Simon Eid, country manager, ANZ, at Splunk, wants people to know it is so much…
Enterprise AR revenues: nearly US$6b by 2021 Enterprise app revenues from Augmented Reality will hit around US$5.7 billion, surpassing that of consumer AR revenues despite the popularity of apps like Pokémon Go.
Listen to your data, says Infigen Energy Infigen Energy is an Australian renewable energy company which sought to simply solve a technical problem, and instead, transformed company information management delivering business value…

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