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VIDEOS: Apple Australia's 'most attractive employer' with tech the top sector


New research has revealed the top 20 most attractive places to work in 2018, with Apple top of the tech tree in Australia, and tech the top sector with plenty of nectar. 

Australia’s devotion to all things tech has been reinforced today, with Apple named as the nation’s top employer, according to Randstad in its "2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research", with technology "outshining the aviation sector for the first time in four years".

We're told that "Apple was recognised for its innovation focus, financial stability and strong reputation", while "Virgin Australia and Qantas ranked second and third respectively, also valued for their perceived robust financials, focus on innovation and public reputations".

iTWire readers will be pleased to note that t"echnology was named as the most attractive industry in Australia", followed by early learning and engineering, and that "the rankings reiterate the importance of organisations investing in innovation while maintaining their public image to engage employees and attract job seekers".

Randstad explains that its Employer Brand Research "recognises the top employers and industries in Australia, as well as employee sentiment about attractive qualities in a job, according to a survey of more than 9555 Australians".

Frank Ribuot, chief executive of Randstad Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and India, said: “I am excited to announce Apple as the most attractive Australia employer and technology as the most attractive sector.

“Technology is ingrained into our everyday lives. From ordering food on the fly, to searching the latest jobs, the whole world is just a few taps away from your fingertips. Apple has led the technology revolution, so it’s no surprise that Aussies looking to ride the wave of innovation see the Californian tech giant and the technology sector in general as a great place to develop their careers”.

Randstad’s research also identified what job seekers and employees look for in an employer. While innovation is increasingly important to Aussies, work-life balance is the single most important reason for employees to choose their employer (54%), with all of these stats and those below sourced from Randstad's report.

We're further informed that "it is most highly valued by workers aged 25-44 (57%) compared to their younger and older peers", and that here, "women (57%) place more value than men on good work-life balance (51%) in line with women constituting 68.6% of all part-time employees".

Ribuot added: “The 2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research confirms that workers aren’t solely focused on salary and long-term job security. It is the ability of companies to deliver a genuine, consistent and balanced experience that will prove to be the big winners in a competitive job market”.

As companies work to present a more human face to their brands, Randstad said "it’s no surprise that an alignment of personal values with a company’s culture is a key factor in employee satisfaction working there, with research indicating 80% of employees have left a company specifically because of its culture."

Randstad’s research also indicates that "workers believe employers are more focused on financial deliverables and technology compared to their preferences of work-life balance and salary and benefits, reflecting an opportunity for employers to align their branding with jobseeker values".

As you might expect, Ribuot called on companies to take heed: “With 30% of Australians planning to change roles within the next year,5 a markedly increased number from last year, we are calling on businesses to revitalise their employer value propositions. It is crucial that companies present a true image of who they are and commit to it. That is the secret to the success of Australia’s most attractive employers.”

So, who are Australia’s top 20 most attractive employers?

1. Apple
2. Virgin Australia
3. Qantas
4. Competitive Foods Australia
5. ABC
6. Wesfarmers
9. Australia Post
10. Cabrini
11. Australian Government
12. Queensland Government
13. PwC
14. Healthe Care
15. RMIT
16. The University of Melbourne
17. IBM
18. NSW Government
19. Nestle
20. ACT Government

What employees in Australia seek vs. what employers in Australia offer

1. Work-life balance: 54% --> 1. Financially healthy

2. Salary and benefits 52% --> 2. Latest technologies

3. Job security: 52% --> 3. Job security

4. Pleasant work atmosphere: 39% --> 4. Good reputation

5. Good training: 37% --> 5. Career progression

Australia’s top 10 most attractive industries awarded by Randstad in 2018

1. Technologies: 49% up 4%
2. Early Learning: 49% up 10%
3. Engineering: 45% down 1%
4. State and Federal Government: 44% up 3%
5. Education: 44% up 3%
6. Life Sciences: 43% up 8%
7. Professional, scientific & technical activities: 43% up 10%
8. FMCG: 41% up 5%
9. Arts, entertainment & recreation: 41% (not measured in 2017)
10. Retail: 41% up 6%

The full Randstad Employer Brand Research report is available for free download after free registration, here

Here are two of Randstad's Employer Brand Research videos:



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