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VIDEO: Peter Coroneos talks with The Hon Michael Kirby about technology, internet and the law


The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG was interviewed by Peter Coroneos last Friday, and noted Mr Kirby's optimism about the next 30 years of the Internet in Australia, his pioneering work on privacy principles in the 70s and plenty more you'll see in the video interview.

Peter Coroneos, the former CEO of the Internet Industry Association, and organiser of the 30th Anniversary of the Internet Gala Dinner, spoke with The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG about technology, internet and the law.

Peter wrote: "I was privileged to spend some time with former High Court justice The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMC last Friday, when I put to him a series of propositions regarding the impact of technology and the internet on the law, regulation and society.

"While he agreed with some of the cautions about how we might sleepwalk into a dystopian future, on the whole he was very optimistic with what the next 30 years might bring.

"In particular, his comments about AI and the law (and how the legal profession needs to adapt) and the way in which legal academics are promoted were highly insightful. For Kirby, equality and equal opportunity are constant themes as he welcomes a humanity which is aided, not hampered by technology. Remember, this is the man who helped pioneer privacy principles in the 1970’s which are embodied in today’s laws, locally and internationally.

"He emphasised the importance of individual freedom of expression and the way in which less open societies try to suppress it. And he didn’t miss the chance to again raise the gender issue, just as he did in 2008 when he addressed the internet industry.

"While Michael Kirby claims to be no expert when it comes to technology, his comments demonstrate just how deeply he has thought about the issues and how he is able to apply them to a vision of the human condition that is both expansive and inclusive.

"This is an amazing interview, and one for posterity. I must confess to always being quite daunted by his intellect when I speak with him, but the power of his humanity is so great and his ever-present humour so close to the surface, that one can momentarily forget the intimidating greatness in whose presence you sit."

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To learn more and attend the 30iGala event yourself, the event website is here - I hope you can make it on the night, and help make history celebrating a great milestone in Australia's online history - there are 3.5 weeks to go before it all happens on the night of 31 October, 2019!


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