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VIDEOS: 'Revolutionary' Aussie 'Zenobot' uses AI, promises to stun with amazing customer service


A new type of customer service called ZenoBot is being rolled out across the country and the rest of the world. It has been developed by Australians as an AI "Avatar" that can "engage with customers, deliver information, answer questions, and even deliver education to students in classrooms".

Developed by Queensland-based organisation List Premier Education, its AI driven "Avatar" is billed as "redefining the delivery of customer service across the world", using cutting edge software which can be "loaded and run on any type of touch and interactive screen", with the Avatar able to be "modified to look, talk, behave and interact in any way and is able to speak up to 21 languages".

ZenoBot is the brainchild of Dr Johann DeBeer, a respected education professor and chief executive and founder of List Premier.

We're told that DeBeer's "years of educational study and time spent working with educators led him to identify the dire need for extra support for teachers in the classroom".

Originally developed for the education and training sector to provide classrooms with an additional "screen-based" interactive teacher, the programme’s application has been expanded to include the corporate and SME sector.

"Just imagine being able to walk into a Bunnings store and ask the Bunnings Avatar in any language, let's call him 'Bob', what aisle nails are in and he tells you – and he lets you know there is a sale on hammers as well," DeBeer said.

"This is the kind of customer service our new technology ZenoBot is able to deliver. Easy, accessible and immediate customer service in any language which not only helps people to buy but also helps businesses to sell more.

"Our ZenoBot Avatar is already being rolled out in schools helping kids to learn at their own pace and in a more personalised manner. Now we are seeing the technology being embraced across the business sector.

“We originally developed the technology to support teachers in the classroom and then discovered that multinational companies would like to use ZenoBot to deliver health and safety training in mines and on construction sites in a multitude of different languages.”

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He added: “Multinational companies simply bring their staff in to training rooms and deliver their training programs with ZenoBot on a large interactive screen in front of the workers. ZenoBot can deliver the training in any language depending on which country the training is being delivered in. Workers are able to ask questions and engage with ZenoBot just as they would with a human trainer. Feedback from companies using ZenoBot has been fantastic.

“A ZenoBot Avatar possesses AI allowing it to engage in basic conversations, perform searches and much more. Everyone is amazed at how effective and easy it is to deliver training with ZenoBot.

“Zenobot is now being rolled out across the world to help businesses deliver their training and education activities across a broad range of areas.”

Since launching ZenoBot in early 2018, the company proudly boasts of growing inquiries, and said "many businesses are currently working with List Premier to deliver automated customer service ZenoBot Avatars that can assist customers in kiosk situations and at front of store."

DeBeer added: “We can see ZenoBot becoming a part of our everyday lives in Australia. Just imagine going into a Bunnings store and walking up to a large interactive screen and asking the Bunnings Avatar in any language what aisle the light bulbs are in and the Avatar responds immediately by telling you which aisle to go to.

“Or, imagine being able to go into a shopping centre and walk up to the Westfield Avatar and ask it which shops sell toasters and it tells you which shops, and where they are located in the centre – in any language.

“ZenoBot has the potential to do anything. ZenoBot can interact, deliver information, answer questions or even sell products. In fact, ZenoBot can operate 24/7 adding a new dimension to the delivery of customer service and engaging with customers to make sales.

“As more companies use ZenoBot and understand its potential, more ways are being developed to enhance service and product delivery using the technology. It is an exciting time.

“The best thing about ZenoBot is that it is simple to use, it’s engaging and it’s affordable.

“We even provide training on how to use ZenoBot and advice and guidance on how to use it to enhance the customer service experience or increase sales.

“We can develop and input content for the ZenoBot Avatar or we can train organisations to do this themselves. We also provide an interpretative service so that content can be delivered in a range of different languages.

“ZenoBot is an Australian innovation that will change the way education and now business is delivered across the world and I am very proud of this.”

Here are two ZenoBot corporate videos:


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