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The amount of data being stored continues to grow, but the industry has more sophisticated answers than simply throwing more drives at the problem.
The Department of Defence has awarded a five-year contract to develop and implement an eHealth system.
The National Library of Finland has turned to crowdsourcing to clean up errors in digitised documents. Volunteers are rewarded by turning the tasks into a…
When Macquarie Telecom launched its Infrastructure as a service offering last month it sought to differentiate this from the 'click-wrap' agreement, pay-by-credit card, self-service model…
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida will use Intelledox software to help with contract management.
NICTA and Microsoft Research Asia are collaborating to improve video search by applying surveillance technology.
For $US12 per user per month Australian enterprises are being offered a Tibco branded social networking tool that allows their employees, partners and customers to…
Iconic automotive manufacturer Ferrari has a considerable heritage, and so does its chosen ERP software.

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