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One software company took a caning over the appearance of bikini-clad women at a conference party, but another didn't. Why might that have been?
The compatibility problems between iTunes 10 and existing Automator actions and AppleScripts for iTunes may be symptomatic of a deeper issue at Apple.
After writing much of iTWire's coverage of the iPhone 4 'death grip' issue, I was pleased to get some hands-on time with Apple's popular handset.…
There's been a kerfuffle about Apple enabling the playback of audio files directly from MobileMe's iDisk, and how this may be the first sign of…
Apple's looking for a senior software engineer to "help create something totally new... a new and revolutionary feature for Mac OS X."
Despite being written off by some as being nothing more than the latest shiny toy from Apple, the iPad is finding its niche in the…
Apple has issued an open letter asserting that the so-called 'death grip' problem experienced by some iPhone 4 owners stems from a software issue that…
America - home of the free, or home of the litigious? Several iPhone 4 buyers are taking Apple and AT&T to court over alleged deficiencies…
You'll sometimes hear Apple's industrial designs described as works of art. Sometimes that's exactly what they are turned into.
What would it take for Apple to compete with Google TV? The company seems to have most of the elements needed.




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