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There have been many attempts by a variety of manufacturers to hit the all-in-one media computer sweet-spot, but none have come close, until now.
Monday, 26 April 2010 22:47

The Samsung R580

As a desktop replacement, the R580 fits the bill as a budget-level wide-screen unit. It's stylish, grunty and lightweight but has poor screen resolution and…
Almost singlehandedly, Asus created the modern version of the netbook category with their groundbreaking Eee PC. While the first Eee PC was a very basic…
While the rest of the world is sitting back, waiting for Apple's imminent release of the iPad, Kogan Technologies is forging ahead with the design…
Foxconn's mini-ITX motherboards are ideal for anyone who is looking to build a small form-factor box on a budget.
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 12:18

Review: Lian Li PC-Q07B mini-ITX case

The mini-ITX motherboard has made it possible for anyone who so wishes, to have a neat small form-factor PC, instead of the monstrously oversized desktop…
Viewsonic's attention to design and aesthetics is strongly reminiscent of a certain 'fruit' company.  I love it. 
After a long history in monitors, ViewSonic has expanded their offering to include full PCs.  Shipping with WinXP Home edition, this PC-in-a-monitor is definitely for…
If only this worked it could have been the year's must-have Christmas gift for the gadget lover or the hard-to-buy-for. I'm talking about a pocket…




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