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Brisbane's Kradle launches SaaS business management system


Brisbane-based Kradle Software has launched its Azure-hosted business management software.

Kradle was founded in 2000 to develop software for modelling the radiation from radio towers, chief executive Michael Haddon (pictured) told iTWire. As the company grew, it became frustrated by the lack of affordable process management software.

Big name software for this purpose is very expensive, he said, and the consulting services needed for implementation cost four or five times as much again – and their clients remain dependent on those consultants.

So Kradle started work on its own software that would put business owners in charge. "A business owner knows his business better than anybody else," said Haddon.

The idea was to make it simple — as in "no code" — to create a data model and a database, overlaid by custom workflows and reports.

Being cloud based, Kradle allows remote and distributed workers to be as productive as their colleagues at head office. The company has created a new navigation system to speed up access and avoid users staring at spinning wheels while data is transferred to the screen.

This involves a patented blade system that enables users to preview files and documents in responsive, collapsible and expandable windows, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple tabs.

“Kradle users can review insights of their business and improve operations. For example, a company might use Kradle to create customisable workflows which manage, track and prioritise tasks within each project or phases of a project and measure the estimated costs versus the actual costs of each job," said Haddon.

"Users can rapidly report on wins and losses, automate communication alerts via SMS and email both internally and to contractors and clients.”

Haddon gave the example of a large vehicle crash repair shop that was using a wall of sticky notes plus Excel and Outlook to manage repair processes comprising around 30 to 40 tasks. With Kradle, the owner was able to build process templates to accommodate different types of customers and various insurance companies.

Now, he has real visibility of the state of the business, with reports showing what's supposed to happen that day, outstanding invoices, staff efficiency, and more. Kradle "became the window into his business," said Haddon.

What's more, the repair shop only needs two Kradle seats – the software is priced per user per month, starting at $49.

Since Kradle is so inexpensive — and a free trial is available — implementing it for a particular business is a low-risk project, he said.

Many manual processes can be digitised, and Kradle is said to enhance accuracy, accountability, and communication, especially critical during busy periods where human errors increase.

“We’re excited to bring Kradle to Australian businesses this year,” said Haddon.

“There are more than two million small and medium-sized businesses in Australia. They account for more than half of private sector business activity*.

“We believe that Kradle will become a motivational tool for staff," he added. "Rather than spending time on repetitive, manual tasks, they can focus on activities that add value to their business. This results in performance improvements and a more engaged workforce.”

All files and data are securely stored and maintained within the Kradle database, and clients can choose to have their data hosted in Sydney, Melbourne, the US or the UK. Kradle will be available in additional Azure regions over time. Microsoft has provided the company with early access to various Azure features, Haddon told iTWire. While that has its advantages, it does make it hard to find staff with the right knowledge, he observed.

Kradle is said to be suitable for businesses of all sizes, and an API is provided in case integration with other systems is required.


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