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LogMeIn Bold360 helps deliver immediate and personalised customer experiences

LogMeIn's Bold360 allows organisations to combine omnichannel messaging for customer support, with CRM and other systems to support automation and to provide agents with easy access to the information they need when interacting with customers.

The merger of LogMeIn with Citrix's GetGo business has presented the enlarged company with new opportunities.

Customer feedback revealed a desire for systems that could augment CRM and ticketing, general manager of customer engagement Paddy Srinivasan told iTWire. (Srinivasan's division covers remote technical support products such as GoToAssist as well as customer engagement products including BoldChat and Rescue.)

So LogMeIn built Bold360 as a system of engagement that would support a wide variety of channels, create a customer graph (what products and services a customer uses, how they interact with the supplier, the outcome of those interactions, and so on), and then use that data to support human agents and to help drive an automated system to improve the knowledgebase used to provide self-help facilities.

Bold360 is a true omnichannel engagement platform, according to Srinivasan.

It works with live and offline channels including Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, Web chat, email and SMS, plus remote control, co-browsing, and video.

Video support allows the customer to demonstrate their problem with a physical product to the agent, or can be used simply to show the customer to whom they are talking.

Out-of-the-box integration is provided for Zendesk, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics and LogMeIn's own Rescue remote support product. All the user needs to do is associate their Bold360 account with one or more of those other services.

Bold360 also provides "point and click integration" with a variety of other services including ecommerce and order tracking systems, Srinivasan explained. Bidirectional integration with services supporting SAML 2.0 and RESTful APIs can be achieved in "a matter of a few minutes." The task is largely a matter of mapping fields from one system to the other, for example matching the "Customer" field in one system with "Contact" in the other.

When it comes to improving the knowledge base, "we have a bit of machine learning," he said. Some of the automation is provided by explicit rules (eg, having a bot serve customers when no human agents are available, or telling the bot to immediately escalate the call to a human if it becomes apparent that the customer is looking to upgrade their product), but the knowledge base improvements are done through "supervised learning."

"Unsupervised learning is really annoying" because it is not yet good enough for dealing with humans even if it does work well with IoT devices, Srinivasan said. "Nobody in the industry has been able to crack that code." (See Balance bots and bodies for customer service.)

Other features include an intuitive interface that presents agents with a unified view of customer interactions.

Bold360 Agent Workspace Screenshot 550

“There is a significant white space when it comes to engagement capabilities of traditional CRM tools,” said Srinivasan.

“As customer expectations change, the old way of managing customer interactions will no longer suffice. Bold360 not only helps businesses interact with their customers, but also builds intelligent and actionable profiles that help brands offer the right recommendation at the right time based on all the information about that customer – not just a small subset based on past interactions.

"As Bold360 continues to evolve and capabilities expand, those customer profiles will continue to get richer and will serve as an essential tool for customer service organisations everywhere.”

Bold360 is aimed at the mid to upper-mid market, he said, with the sweet spot covering organisations with established contact centres or service desks with between 10 and 200 agents, as this is where Bold360 can maximise the existing investment.

It can work for a Fortune 500 company that wants to start with one or two interaction channels, or a smaller company (say with $20 million revenue) that has an omnichannel approach to sales and support, and has already developed sophisticated chat routing and an extensive knowledgebase).

The best results come when the organisation has "a sense of purpose to move from one level of maturity to the next", he told iTWire.

Bold360 is available immediately, with pricing dependent on the size of the deployment and how it is being used.


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