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W10 corporate adoption forecast to accelerate despite concerns

Windows 10 corporate adoption is accelerating despite IT administrators' concerns about application compatibility, need for user training, and manual migration effort.

Ivanti (formerly LANDESK) sponsored research conducted by Dimensional Research titled “Windows 10: The State of The Union: A Survey of Desktop Stakeholders in IT.”

The global study includes responses from 1825 IT professionals in more than 23 countries. A webinar which will reveal detailed findings will be held on 31 May. To attend, please register here.

The key findings were:

Windows 10 adoption is still limited but is quickly accelerating

  • 91% have Windows 10 installed, but only 34% have it in production.
  • 48% have Windows 10 on less than 10% of desktops.
  • In 2015 only 7% had Windows 10 installed outside of IT, which grew to 51% in 2017.
  • 77% will be fully migrated to Windows 10 within the next two years.

Windows 10 concerns abound.

  • 87% have concerns about moving to Windows 10.
  • 85% of those who have begun migration are facing issues.
  • 80% say issues are delaying migration.
  • 51% have not made a decision about their Windows 10 branch.

User experience is a top priority for Windows 10.

  • 83% are transitioning user personalisation during their migration.
  • 86% have plans to deliver desktop management capabilities for Windows 10.
  • Only 16% report notably faster login times.

The report shows that no single approach to migrating to the new OS has become a standard, with re-imaging, hardware migration and centrally-managed in-place migration having a nearly equal level of prevalence.

Despite these concerns, adoption of Windows 10 is expected to accelerate, with Dimensional Research predicting that 77% of organisations will be fully migrated even outside of IT within the next two years, up from 51% this year.

Ivanti’s vice-president of product management, Jon Rolls, said, “Windows 10 adoption is unavoidable, so every organisation needs to brace themselves with the tools and strategies that will make their migration a success.”

“By implementing a unified approach to endpoint management and adopting user workspace management solutions to ensure a great user experience, enhanced productivity and minimised retraining, companies can realise Windows 10 migration success and smooth the constant updates and upgrades that come with Windows as a Service.”

Ivanti ten tips for W10


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