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VIDEO Interview: Equinix Australia MD Jeremy Deutsch talks data centres, late 2017


Near the end of second decade in the 21st century, data centres are the globally interconnected data repositories of everything we do online today, with Equinix one of the best in the business.

With 180+ data centres in 44 markets on five continents, and four, highly secure data centres in Sydney alone, from whence I type, Equinix nixes data centre and interconnect worries by being one of the industry's major global players.

The company regularly announces its latest deals and partnerships with the major players, from Amazon to Oracle, from Ericsson to SAP and countless others.

From public clouds to hybrid IT, businesses dealing with data on a major or global basis, and with other businesses in a private manner, Equinix has built an empire on data, software, hardware and physical assets in which all is stored and distributed through – with no end to the need for more storage and faster transfer in sight.

Although many articles have been written in the last couple of years concerning developments with Equinix and its partners, the last time I spoke to Equinix Australia's managing director, Jeremy Deutsch, was back on 23 January 2015, in an article entitled: "VIDEO: Interview with Equinix Australia MD, Jeremy Deutsch."

The opportunity to interview Deutsch again arose back in August, when Equinix launched its inaugural "Global Interconnection Index", which unsurprisingly "finds Interconnection becoming an essential building block of the global digital economy".

It is a detailed, 22 page PDF report that you can download freely without registration at Equinix here, filled with a great deal of interesting and useful information.

For example, the Asia-Pacific region expected to see more than fourfold growth in Interconnection, with bandwidth to reach 1120Tbps by 2020. There's also the headline stat that "the capacity for private data exchange between businesses is outpacing the public Internet, growing at nearly twice the rate and comprising nearly six times the volume of global IP traffic by 2020".

There's also the stat in the Index that "Interconnection Bandwidth is expected to grow at a 45% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to reach 5000Tbps by 2020, dwarfing Global IP traffic in both growth (24%) and volume (855 Tbps)".

"It is also growing faster than Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), the legacy model of business connectivity, by a factor of 10x (45% to 4%)."

Sara Baack, Equinix's chief marketing officer, said: “Some of the greatest technology trends of our lifetime, including mobile, social, cloud and the explosion of data, are creating disruption on the scale of the Industrial Revolution.

“In this new reality, it’s a ‘scale-or-fail’ proposition and companies are succeeding by adopting Interconnection, locating their IT infrastructure in immediate proximity to an ecosystem of companies that gather to physically connect their networks to those of their customers and partners.

"Interconnection helps fuel digital transformation by supporting multicloud consumption at scale, improving network latency and performance, enabling greater operational control, and reducing security risk.”

So, it took a couple of months to align our schedules, but we finally managed to meet yesterday to talk about Equinix's progress since our last face-to-face interview, and to discuss what's happening in the data centre industry right now, obviously as it relates to Equinix's activities.

Here is that video interview with Jeremy Deutsch, Equinix Australia managing director, and the article continues below, please read on.

We spoke briefly about the inaugural Global Interconnection Index, and spoke about how Australian businesses are connecting to Equinix's products and services and how that compares with businesses in Asia Pacific, the US and Europe.

We covered security – there's not a great deal one of the world's biggest data centre operators will reveal about the security measures they take to protect not only the hardware inside the data centre and the data itself, but the physical building, too, with a biometric fingerprint required from me to sign in and use at the barriers that govern who can get beyond the building's entrance and into the rest of the complex you're allowed to visit.

Jeremy also encouraged CIOs to use Equinix's free IOA Knowledge Base tool (Interconnection Oriented Architecture), which we noted would be linked in this article.

After discussing data centres and my marvelling at the maturity and sophistication of it all, we then moved onto data centres of the future, say 2027 or 2030, and whether we'll have orbiting data centres, or data centres on the moon, or Mars.

Deutsch shared what lessons he's learned over the last two years since we last spoke that has changed his perspective on life and business for the better, and he then gave his final message for for iTWire viewers and readers, and for his current and future customers

For more on what Equinix has achieved globally this year, the company's newsroom has all the details.

Here's Equinix's Global Interconnection Index infographic – please turn phone horizontal if viewing on mobile to see the full image.


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