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Telstra unveils $85 1TB 5G home and business Internet service Featured

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Telstra has announced a 5G home and business Internet plan with 1TB of data per month for $85 with no lock-in contracts.

Telstra says the service has an average typical download speed of 378Mbps during the busy 7 pm to 11 pm period. The service includes a 5G router in the usual small white brick format of Telstra’s home routers. The first month is free, and there are no contracts or exit fees; simply cancel and return the router if you wish to terminate.

The 5G service uses Telstra's 5G mobile network instead of fixed-line services like NBN or fibre. As such it can reach vastly higher speeds than ordinary residential services, such as NBN’s fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) which still uses copper for the last leg to your premises. Conversely, it’s also subject to fluctuations from weather, mobile tower disruptions, heavy mobile data use in the area, and other issues. Of course, as a cellular service, it’s not affected in any way if someone fails to dial before they dig and tear up phone cables down the road.

Telstra says evening speeds can range from 50Mbps to 600Mbps meaning you can have ridiculously fast Internet or, at the worst end, you’re probably still better off than you would be on an NBN FTTN service. The one downside is fixed-line plans are moving towards unlimited data while this 5G service is capped at 1TB - that’s a marketing terabyte, not a Computer Science terabyte, meaning 1,000 megabytes.

Telstra says that 1TB is enough for over 330 hours of high-definition Netflix streaming. According to AT&T’s Internet data calculator, 1TB is also enough capacity to do all these things in one month:

  • send and receive 40,000 emails
  • play 8,500 hours of streaming music
  • surf the web for 2,000 hours
  • make 5,600 social media posts with photos
  • stream 150 hours of 4K video
  • play online games for 300 hours

So, 1TB is a lot and it's unlikely to be a constraining limit for the bulk of households. You could also use the 5G plan and router in your business, but my view is you would want to be sure you’ve got reliable 5G reception if you’re depending on it for your livelihood.

On that point, Telstra says its 5G network covers over 75% of Australians and the aim is to have 95% of the population covered by the end of June 2025.

No technicians are needed, and it doesn't matter where your phone line (if you have one) comes into your house. Simply place the router anywhere you like, ideally with the best 5G signal, plug it into power, turn it on, and away you go.

According to Telstra's website, new residential customers (but not business customers) will also get three months subscription to Binge TV (provided they are also new Binge subscribers).

The 5G modem includes

  • 4x4 802.11ax Wi-Fi
  • dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz capacity
  • 1x USB 3.0 port
  • 4x gigabit ethernet ports for cabled devices
  • 1x configurable Ethernet WAN/LAN port
  • WPS
  • 1GB RAM
  • Inbuilt, pre-activated SIM

The 5G modem does not include a landline service, so you may need to consider that if you want to replace your existing fixed cable Internet service with this 5G offering.

Of course, being a 5G device, you're not restricted to a single premises. Provided you have power and a 5G signal you can take it with you anywhere in Australia, any time you wish.

To help make sure 5G is a good choice, Telstra offers a service qualification tool that looks up your address to give you the best information, for both residential and business customers. I put in my address and the site duly informed me “woohoo,” and that I can get “ridiculously fast 5G.” It didn’t quantify what this meant, so I recommend you also look at Telstra’s 5G coverage map for greater clarity. That site tells me I am “predicted” to get 5G coverage which still doesn’t numerically indicate what I can receive, but at least it gives a helpful map that highlights precisely where 5G is available. The site also notes Telstra 5G devices will drop down to 4G and even 3G where 5G (or 4G) is unavailable.

Still, with one month's free and no contract it's dead easy to try it for yourself. Order one, see what the coverage is like. If you’re happy, pay by the month. If you’re not, don’t continue after the first month. All you need is a power point.

For more information, and to sign up, check out Telstra's 5G service for residential and business online.


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David M Williams

David has been computing since 1984 where he instantly gravitated to the family Commodore 64. He completed a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from 1990 to 1992, commencing full-time employment as a systems analyst at the end of that year. David subsequently worked as a UNIX Systems Manager, Asia-Pacific technical specialist for an international software company, Business Analyst, IT Manager, and other roles. David has been the Chief Information Officer for national public companies since 2007, delivering IT knowledge and business acumen, seeking to transform the industries within which he works. David is also involved in the user group community, the Australian Computer Society technical advisory boards, and education.

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  • Turn your headphones into a world-class mix room with the Dear Reality dearVR MIX plugin, anywhere, anytime

    Dear Reality, a subsidiary of Sennheiser, has released stunning and immersive room virtualisation to the stereo world, transforming your professional studio headphones into an entire stereo mix room.

    The dearVR MIX is an AAX/VST3/AU plugin that leverages spatial headphone compensation and supports the 44 most-used professional studio headphones. It offers three virtual reference stereo mix rooms with four selectable loudspeaker positions.

    What this all means is that you can be teleported into your professional studio mix room, armed with only your computer and headphones. Of course, you can use it in the studio, but you can also use it on the road - with none of the cost of hiring a studio.

    The plugin is aimed at audio producers, artists, and content creators, and ensures their stereo productions translate reliably to any sound system no matter the production type or music genre. dearVR MIX lets you create outstanding sound experiences and assess positions, stereo width, reverb, and low-end frequencies with total reliability - at any time, in any location.

    Christian Sander, chief executive officer, Dear Reality, said, “when developing dearVR MIX, it was all about creating ultimate virtual acoustic environments for headphone mixing. All the experience we have gained in the field of spatial audio comes together in one stellar plugin. dearVR MIX puts this technology in the hands of everyone.”

    Sander knows; he founded Dear Reality in 2014 along with Achim Fell, with the mission of delivering high-quality cutting edge 3D audio software for interactive and linear audio production. The company is well-regarded in the industry for its binaural, Ambisonics and multichannel encoder with totally realistic room virtualisation. Its products are used around the globe by sound engineers, sound designers, broadcasters, and musicians. It was acquired by Sennheiser in 2019, with Sennheiser recognising the astounding immersive audio capabilities the company was creating.

    {loadposition david08}

    dearVR MIX can give you confidence in monitoring your session in multiple virtual reference rooms, and mix with professional studio headphones, using Dear Reality’s spatial headphone compensation technology.

    It offers three world-class reference mix rooms and four selectable mono and stereo loudspeaker positions. Each mix room can be adapted by controlling the amount of diffusion and setting the perfect balance between over colouration and localisation, using Sennheiser AMBEO’s patented Clarity algorithm.

    As you can see, there is a lot of smarts and lot of tech built-in to the software, based on the audio expertise of both Dear Reality and Sennheiser.

    What all this means is you get a reliable and consistent monitoring experience no matter where you are, and you can easily and accurately monitor your production in non-studio acoustic environments all from your own device. You could be in the car, in the club, in your lounge room - the dearVR MIX plugin will spirit you away to a land of pristine sound for clear audio and mixing excellence.

    iTWire tested dearVR MIX along with a pair of Sennheiser HD280 PRO studio monitoring headphones for ourselves.

    Now, while many in the audio sphere are mixing more and more on headphones these days - like Anna Kendrick’s Beca in the Pitch Perfect movie series, say - it’s still the great-sounding mix room where many professionals go for audio excellence. While this would be an awesome experience, that’s a heck of a lot of money. Thus, many an artist ends up mixing exclusively on their headphones in a non-ideal room.

    The big goal of mixing is ensuring audio goes from the producer's mind to the listener's ear as intended, but with a vast richness of playback systems from AirBuds to Hi-Fi the sound can be warped if the room one mixes in cannot effectively translate to that range of options. Imagine if Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at night or Queen’s Bohemian rhapsody fell flat without the incredible left-and-right bouncing, let alone their highs and lows?

    iTWire found the plugin intuitive and clear, and this is coming from someone who definitely has no significant audio mixing experience. I like to think I’m a little bit creative, but I felt daunted by the opportunity to examine software that can be used by real professionals only to find it surprisingly straightforward.

    Note that because the software is a plug-in you don't run it directly; there is no 'app' as such, but instead you use it with your existing audio software. For example, here I added it to GarageBand on macOS. Click an empty plug-in area and down the bottom of the plug-in menu you can select dearVR MIX. Other audio software will similarly have a way for you to load plug-ins.


    Dear Reality has provided an impressive package; the screen offers parameters to let you tune speaker setup and other items, but without it looking like a Jumbo Jet cockpit. Particularly interesting is the spatial headphone compensation component which uses Dear Reality’s own proprietary intellectual property, an algorithm that’s been tuned, tested, and tweaked by its expert audio, software, and mastering engineers. This component provides spatial audio specific to the headphones you use. The Sennheiser HD 280 PRO was right there as an option, along with more than 40 more.

    “By carefully compensating for the sound characteristics of individual headphones, dearVR MIX ensures the best binaural playback experience with the highest degree of out-of-head localisation,” Sander said.

    Mix v04 1200x

    iTWire had much fun playing with the software; the controls let you play with ambience, focus, scenes, bypass, speaker setup and more. Some of the settings like ambience provided quite a noticeable variation, adjusting the diffusion and leveraging Sennheiser’s Clarity algorithm, so you can find the perfect spot for the room you are using. The scene option allowed you to select the different world-class reference mix room you were using - as if you were physically sitting there - and also allowed you to select a physical room to emulate - such as car, club, kitchen, living room, or if your aspirations are grand enough, a stadium.

    The plugin is truly immersive and whether I was sitting outside on my deck - replete with dogs barking, birds chirping, cars passing, and the occasional far-away suburban rooster crowing - or inside the house, I was spirited into a stunningly clear crisp, silent audio experience. I could play music and sounds and experiment, hearing right then and there all the subtle nuances of the changes I was making. I felt a level of control over sound I never imagined possible without real-world physical audio mixing hardware.

    The software runs on both Windows and macOS and retails for $132.66 ($NZD 143.55) with a 14-day free trial so you can explore risk-free.

    See it in action here:

  • Turn your laptop or tablet into a battlestation with the Aten USB-C multiport mini dock with power pass through

    Aten has brought the goods again with its USB-C multiport mini dock with power pass-through. This is the accessory your desk or travel bag needs to transform your laptop or tablet's workspace into a battlestation.

    Whether it's your MacBook, your Microsoft Surface, your iPad, or something else, chances are you've found times when it would have been so helpful to connect it to power, a monitor, a keyboard and mouse, a memory stick, an SD card reader, a printer, or something else - there's certainly no shortage of USB options you might want to use.

    Or, perhaps you've been happy working at a desk untethered to all these things but might not realise the flexibility that a good dock can give you. Work on your laptop while on the road, but come back to your base - whether office or home - connect one cable, and suddenly you're transformed into a desktop-like setup replete with big screen, full-size keyboard, and luxurious mouse. Consider your eyes, your posture, and of course, the screen real estate that's available.

    Here's where Aten comes in; Aten is well-known for its computing accessories and its latest dock brings the quality and usefulness you expect from ATEN.

    {loadposition david08}

    The Aten USB-C multiport mini dock with power pass-through, model UH3239, fits easily in your bag and includes

    1. built-in USB-C cable to connect to your device
    2. USB-C port, which can also cater for USB-C 5V, 12V, 15V and 20V power adapters
    3. HDMI socket supporting 4K @ 30Hz video output
    4. SD/Micro SD memory card slot
    5. 2x USB 3.0 ports

    This nifty six-in-one dock also caters for USB-C video output, provided your device supports DP Alt Mode.

    If you have a USB-C based device and need to expand your connectivity at home or while travelling then the Aten USB-C multiport mini dock with power pass-through is an excellent contender. It's mini in size, but maximum on functionality.

  • Telstra offers a free year of Disney+ with new Internet and mobile plans

    We all need a bit of magic in our lives, Telstra says, which is why it's teamed up with Disney to bring a year of Disney+ to eligible customers on new selected plans.

    Disney+ is, of course, the Walt Disney streaming entertainment service which includes amazing content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star. It has something for everyone including heart-moving Pixar movies like Luca, and the latest exciting live-action Star Wars and Marvel TV series. It has content ranging from Cinderella to Die Hard!

    Telstra's offer begins today and runs until 28th March 2021 and it doesn't matter if you are a new or returning Disney+ subscriber; Telstra will offer you a 12-month subscription if you take up one of these plans:

    • New customers who sign up to Telstra's $95 and above Home Internet plans at the nbn50, nbn100, and nbn250 speed tiers
    • New mobile customers who sign up to a $65, $85, or $115 mobile plan, or to a $55 or $85 data plan.

    After signing up in-store, over the phone, or online, you'll be contacted by Telstra with a link to the Disney+ offers page. Log in with your Telstra ID and password, click ‘redeem’, and away you go. You need to redeem before the end of May. Your Disney+ subscription will roll over onto a month-by-month plan unless you cancel.

    After the two years we've all had, it's definitely time for a bit of magic.

    {loadposition david08}

  • Amazon should never have given their assistant a female name, says the Alexa is a human campaign

    In this world of modern digital assistants it's become commonplace to call upon your device by name. However, it’s also caused suffering in the lives of ladies named Alexa with everyone they meet thinking it’s funny to boss them around.

    What's your name? Imagine if suddenly your name was bolstered in popularity, emblazoned upon the world, but not as a celebrity but as a slave? Consider if everywhere you travelled people were barking instructions prefixed by your name. Imagine if whenever someone learned your name they excitedly asked if you could turn off their lights or tell them a joke or bark like a dog too.

    It sounds comical at first if it doesn't happen to you. Yet the reality for those named Alexa is one of continual bullying and demeaning comments. With the prominence of Amazon’s Echo devices - and Alexa smart assistant, who is woken with the word ‘Alexa’ - ladies of all ages, including young girls, are being mocked, ribbed, and even told their name is an annoyance because it disrupts smart speakers.

    This is the problem the 'I am Alexa' organisation wishes to tackle through its 'Alexa is a human' campaign.

    {loadposition david08}

    The campaign brings to light heartbreaking real-world experiences from those named Alexa, or parents of an Alexa, who no longer wish to go outside, who are frightened to speak up in the workplace, who even suffer suicide ideation.

    It's something you might never have thought of, and undoubtedly Amazon did not consider this would be a consequence of its smart assistant’s popularity. Yet, it’s the real, lived experience of hundreds of thousands of women daily.

    Imagine cringing every time you heard your name, and it was in common parlance as a servant word. Imagine a three-year-old suffering trauma from how people speak to her or treat her because of her name. Imagine being a student who suffers sexual harassment and advances from people who think it is hilarious to order them to perform specific acts, simply because their name is shared with a servant appliance.

    Imagine if every time you, or anybody you knew, spoke to their smart device it was your name that was used. Imagine if every time people learned your name they laughed and immediately instructed you to do something or asked if you were clever enough to turn on lights.

    How long would it take before this made you crack?

    Then imagine there was no escape; that it was relentless - adverts, stores, signs on the bus, devices in your friend’s homes … everywhere you went your name was being used in the context of subservience.

    This is where I am Alexa comes in. The company isn't seeking money, and it's not seeking retribution. It only asks that Amazon reflect and default its wake word to something else, something robotic. In fact, why not ‘amazon’ or 'computer'? There’s no arguing that while Google’s assistant may not have a catchy name, the wake words “Hey Google” is not at risk of causing offence. (Note: in the initial version of this story I suggested 'echo', after the Echo devices itself, but since learned 10,000 girls and women in the United States are named Echo, so let's not substitute one problem for another.)

    Similarly, I am Alexa appeals to Amazon smart assistant users to change the wake name of your device to a non-human word or name of your choice. Why not 'computer' and pretend you're in Star Trek? "Computer! Turn off the lights" - sounds good to me.

    The organisation began life in 2018 after Lauren Johnson found her daughter, Alexa, had been suffering bullying from children and adults alike because of her name. Three years later the problem is only worse. Johnson received story after story of mothers whose teen daughters were suicidal, or from women named Alexa themselves who received continual sexual commands from strangers, or who were told how disruptive and annoying their name is to electronics.

    Both Johnson and her husband have reached out to Jeff Bezos but without a response from the retail giant. Thus, their Alexa is a human campaign calls upon regular folk like you and I to spread awareness, and for Echo owners to have a heart and change their device’s wake word.

    So now you know ... what will you do?

    #Amazonchangethewakename #changethewakename

  • Hard-working Minecraft player releases free DOOM adventure, two years of work

    With two years of work, a dedicated Minecraft Java edition player has released a DOOM-inspired adventure map, for free. The almost 80MB download includes textures, levels, collectibles, coloured keycards, and even the chainsaw.

    Just when you think you've seen it all in Minecraft, along comes a whole new adventure like this - one that is so detailed, so complete, and so impressive that it makes you go wow. In this case, the adventure draws upon the classic FPS pioneer, DOOM, mixing two of gaming’s best-known franchises in one.

    Redditor Sibogy released his news to the Minecraft subreddit, announcing his free-to-download adventure - including maps, textures, weapons, game logic, and more - was being released after 1200 hours of dedicated work, spanning two years.

    The game is inspired by DOOM 2016, with some aspects of DOOM Eternal drawn in and provides a remarkable DOOM-like experience with the frenetic pace and thrills and frights you expect from DOOM, but within Minecraft’s block-like experience.

    {loadposition david08}

    Installation is simple; follow this link to read about the adventure and to find the download link. You can also make an optional donation to Sibogy in thanks for his hard work. There’s no requirement to donate in order to download or enjoy the adventure, but do keep it in mind once you’ve given it a play.

    Download the zip file, then create a new Minecraft 1.16.3 instance. To be clear, this is for the Java edition of Minecraft, and not the Bedrock edition as played on mobile devices. If you don’t already own the original, Java-based Minecraft you can buy it and join in the fun, and you’ll also find it is included in Microsoft’s GamePass subscription.

    No other mods or add-ons are needed; everything you need is in the one download. Once you have created the instance find its .minecraft/saves folder and unzip the download into there. Launch Minecraft, click Play, and load the new saved world. You’ll be prompted to change some video and audio settings, such as field of view, brightness, particles, and others, but it’s all worth it to get the best effect.

    Next, select your difficulty level - and off you go. You'll be amazed at how immersive it is, and how well Sibogy has captured the DOOM-feel within Minecraft, replete with collectibles that play the DOOM theme, weaponry, working lifts, enemies, keycards, and more.

    Watch the trailer below, and check the game out now.